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 Y-VAMP Corp.
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Video Compression Standard:
MPEG-2 Audio:
Compression-NICAM, Bit rates: 728 kbit/s
Video Inputs: composite Audio: 2 Channels
Video Bit rates: up to 20 Mbit/s Power: Voltage: 12V
Resolutions: 720 pixels horizontally
576 or 480 vertically
Control: Keypad OSD, RS232 interface
Chrominance Profile: 4:2:0

* All Specifications, Modifications and product availability are subject to change without notice.


• Military and covert operations whether static or mobile;
• Film- VideoAssist;
• Wireless point-to-point surveillance links with high quality video and stereo audio;
• Mobile surveillance systems;
• Low cost Video and Broadcasting systems;
• High-speed video, voice and data transmission in multi-path environment, uzing extremely low sideband radiations.