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  4 Asynchronous color camera inputs  
  Simultaneous recording and playback- Full Duplex  
  High-quality scaler for video display  
  Event recording, continuous recording with scheduling  

Easy search menu for previously recorded events

  Multi-Windows display (PIP 4/9) with 2x2 electronic zoom  
  Data transfer for archiving (optional)  
  On screen display  
  Low battery warning  
  External device trigger capture  
  Two Removable HDDs (optional)  
  Selectable time-lapse, frame and field recording modes  
  Alarm history log for up to 999 events  
  Playback of speeds from ±1fps to ±1000fps  
  Programmable bit rate for optimum quality: From 100Kb to 15Mb  


  • The only portable recording system, that allows you to preview events while still recording.
    This powerful system gives you simple control of video surveillance and digital recording without complicated computer systems.

  • The DigiCOP system will effectively replace a traditional security system:
    Digital multiplexer + Time-lapse VCR + Monitoring solution + Alarm system + Surveillance monitor
    The result is the most portable and user-friendly digital surveillance system available on the market today.

  • Although DigiCOP involves advanced technology, it remains easy to use. All that is required is to connect the cameras and turn the power on. This state-of-the-art system will save you substantial time and money to setup and maintain when compared to the traditional surveillance systems.